This is a tool you absolutely need if you look after Windows computers. The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset boot disk. We are sure this has saved many a Tech’s days and has certainly come in useful for us at Greystone. This boot CD will enable you to diagnose and hopefully fix a Windows PC or Server that is not booting or locked out.


Have a look at the links below for the full details but some of the top features it provides are as follows –

  • Locksmith – reset forgotten passwords for local accounts
  • Registry Editor – edit the registry of an unbootable machine
  • Crash Analyser – analyse what dump files really mean
  • Uninstall a Hotfix – really useful if a rogue hotfix and broken your machine
  • Windows Defender – scan for malware without booting the machine
  • Disk Wipe – completely wipe data from the disks
  • File Explorer – find and copy files off a dead computer

  Surely one for any Windows SysAdmin’s tool box. Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 10 Creating the DaRT Recovery Image