Not everyone understands I.T like we do. So, when systems go offline and suddenly stop working, it can be very confusing and of course, frustrating. With I.T and software solutions, there can be a multitude of explanations, some of which are simpler than others.

At Greystone, we are experienced in providing business I.T support. So here we aim to outline some of the main reasons that your I.T systems go offline and help shed some light on the matter.  But also, we hope to provide some education as to what businesses can do to ensure they stay online and working.


Ok, so this is one of the simpler ones admittedly. But in our experience, this happens far too often. When employees start to think they can fix a problem it usually starts with them trying to find the on/off switch. This is not always the best solution as power surges or unexpected power loss lead to corrupted data on the computer. This is especially true for server and network equipment where we would recommend using an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to keep things up and running.

Hardware Failure

A business doesn’t need to have brand new computers every year with the latest features to operate. But all hardware systems require ongoing maintenance to keep them in top working condition and avoid preventable downtime. This can include updating firmware, drivers software and monitoring for an event that could indicate a problem. Maintaining and looking after your hardware, whether it is a laptop or a server, should be an essential practice for businesses to ensure their I.T support and services are running in tip-top condition.

Malicious Emails and Websites

We all recognise that when we are busy or rushing to meet a deadline, it can be easy to plough through your emails opening them on autopilot. But opening a malicious email or going to a hacked website can release viruses that can take down your computer and I.T systems in seconds. So, take a minute to make sure you know what you are opening. For more information on how to spot read more here

Unreliable Networks

Whether wireless or cabled your network connections the essential platform all you IT kit runs on. So they need to be robust, reliable and fast enough for the job. Many businesses use home broadband type internet connections that simply are not up to the job. We would always recommend a more reliable business-grade internet connection married with a correctly configured office network as the basis or all company’s IT systems.

Lack of I.T knowledge and user error

Mostly, systems go offline as employees think they can fix them. Plugging and unplugging wires and cables is not the solution. Employees who have no I.T experience can sometimes use hardware and software incorrectly. When your I.T system goes down it can cost a business money and headaches. It is always advisable to get proper, IT business support, as if you don’t it may cost you more in the long run.