More and more of us are being asked for one-time passcodes when making a purchase or sending money to pay a bill. This is being requested even after we have already inputted our password when making a purchase online.

This security feature, which is known as SCA (Strong Consumer Authentication) is starting to be rolled out by banks and retailers as a method of confirming you are the person making the transaction in an effort to combat online fraud, as reported by the BBC here.

But just as there can be monetary fraud online, there can also be data fraud too.

You don’t want your business data and information to be seen or abused by the wrong person, so following the practice undertaken by the banks and retailers, should also be adopted by businesses too and here are some tips on how to do that.

Two Factor Authentication Code.

Just like when you make a purchase online and receive a unique code to your mobile device. The same can be done for your emails. If you run a business which stores sensitive information, such as a solicitor or financial institution. It may be good for you to know that only authorised staff are accessing their email accounts, not malicious people or hackers. Office365 has the option for you to add a  phone number or mobile app to protect access. A simple tactic that you can switch on and use straight away.

Data Alert

Greystone can also help set up alerts for when employees access sensitive data. This can help ensure only the right personnel in your business have access to sensitive data and more importantly, that it is not abused. This is quick and simple to do and gives your business peace of mind.

Data Protection Policy

Greystone is here to make your IT easy for everyone to use and ensure your business gets the best out of the technology. To enable this, we start with setting your I.T policies for everyone in the business to adhere to and follow. Once set, this will ensure your systems and data are safe and secure.

Set up

Finally, the set up of the technology needs to be simple from the outset. Ensuring it is easy to use, simple to access and who is allowed to access what data. This will lead to less IT headaches in the future if it is clear from the offset.

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