With much of our working day reliant on technology, small and large businesses need their IT to be delivered effectively. Continual advances in technology mean IT is essential to help run a company, make productivity increase and help a business keep control of their costs.

But IT improves and evolves, what is the point of having the latest tech if a business is not able to manage it? Plus, as more technology is being used, it means there is growing strain on the business to understand and manage its IT.

That’s where outsourcing your IT can really help a business make the most of its technology and ensure they have the correct infrastructure in place.

Here are five reasons why.

Reduces Costs

Hiring in an IT Manager may cost you upwards of £35,000 and not to mention any additional training and recruitment costs. Plus, you never know if you are going to get the right person.

For the cost of one person, you can get a whole team, vast experience and available 24/7. No Brainer.


We all know that IT security is on the rise.

Attacks are happening more frequently on big and small business. In fact, the BBC reported earlier this year that over half of businesses have reported cyber-attacks.

Securing your business against these types of attacks are getting more and more complicated as hacking systems is getting more and more sophisticated.

But with outsourcing your I.T, you get an experienced professional that can implement systems that can keep your business safe. Plus, should you be attacked they will be there to get your business secure again 24/7.


A key selling point for any business to have reliable support. An IT consultant is always monitoring your system to ensure any problems are fixed before you even know it was a potential problem. This ensures your business keeps running.

Your Business Comes First

With someone looking after your IT, it will give you and your staff time to be working on your business. Not fixing IT problems. Plus, even if a small problem happens such as a printer not working. You know that it will be fixed quickly and your staff can carry on working, without disruption.

Expert Advice & Latest Tech

As your business grows, you will have to scale your technology requirements. That’s where having an IT consultant can support by offering expert advice that meets your business needs. Plus, as mentioned before, with the rise of cyber-attacks, your IT consultant will always ensure you have the latest up to date tech to keep your business safe.

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