When a business knows it is time to change and upgrade their IT systems or provider, one of the main things stopping them from pressing the ‘Go’ button is the perceived disruption to the business.

Well, let us put your mind at ease. At Greystone Technology, we don’t storm into a business and tear your current IT systems out and instantly replace it with another.

We work to evolve your system, taking time to create the best possible solution bespoke to your business.

Here are three simple steps we take to ensure minimal disruption when upgrading your IT:

  1. We Have A Chat

Before we even start to actually look into the IT support of a business. Before we even start to talk anything technical. We talk to your staff. We find out what the issues are. Identify any pain points and get a feel for the usage of the IT system throughout your business. This allows us to come up with a bespoke solution.

  1. Project Plan

So you know that we are definitely not going to turn your business upside down. We put a project list together. This will go into greater detail in terms of what we will be doing, the timing and what staff will experience as we change or upgrade your IT system. This allows everyone involved to be prepared and it also allows the business to understand what is happening. So, the process becomes ‘painless’.

  1. Best Practice

When undertaking any project, we consider it an evolution. As mentioned, we don’t burst into your business and rip out servers etc. But we work little by little to change your IT systems to ensure your business gets best practice, is secure and is more productive. Easy.

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