Everyone relies on email for business these days. But rather than just cluttering up your inbox as you wade through reading them. Did you know that there is much more you can do with Outlook that can make you, and your business, more productive and become a little bit more organised?

So, as well as providing business I.T support, here we have outlined some quick tips that will make email even better to use.

Mail Rules

On Outlook you can use ‘Mail Rules’ to organise your inbox and make life easier for yourself. This feature lets you sort your inbox by project or by a person. Enabling you to keep on top of conversations and to that email your searching for quicker. No more scrolling through hundreds of emails again!

Categories and Labels

Following on from the above, to furthermore make finding emails easier. Setting up category labels lets you group them by colour. Helping you know what subject you are responding to.

Convert Mail to Tasks

A simple but very effective tip is to convert an email into a task. By dragging an email to your Tasks List in Outlook you can immediately turn the email into a ‘to do’ list while still keeping all the content. Brilliant!

Junk Reporting

We all hate junk mail. But unfortunately, it is here to stay. But to make it less of an irritation, there is a little add on that can enable to help monitor where the junk mail is coming from and how much you are getting.

Delayed Sending

We all have had that email that riles us up. Plus, we’ve all sent a response that maybe we should’ve have done. Well, with Delayed Sending it gives you time to think about the response you’ve written in the heat of the moment and delays sending it.

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