When you are a small business you are more reliant on yourself than ever before, simply because you don’t have the infrastructure or wider expertise of a large company or organisation.

It’s all down to you.

And protecting your business is down to you too.

As according to recent research 43% of small businesses have been subjected to cyber-attack* plus, 60% of those companies that have been attacked go out of business.*

At Greystone, we help small businesses stay safe from cyber-attacks based on our Cyber Security Check (https://www.greystone.co.uk/technology/cyber-security-check/) which looks at eight key areas to give you peace of mind.

End Point Protection

We look at the desktops, laptops and servers in your business to see if they have the appropriate security settings in place to stop viruses, ransomware and malware attacks.

Maintaining your computers securely is essential to keep any business up and running.

Network Configuration & Firewalls

Your network is the foundation of all your IT systems and the firewall shields your systems from the open internet.

We assess the structure and configuration of your network and firewall to make sure it is set up securely and correctly to reduce the risk of attack.

Password Policy

Without good use of passwords, your IT systems can easily be compromised. This can be from an external hacker or a rogue insider. We review your password policy and suggest ways to improve your if necessary.

Data Security

With data now being commoditised, every bit of data that a business holds is a hacker’s dream steal. So, this element has to be very well protected and thought through. We look at access to file structures and core databases to ensure access permissions are appropriate to keep unwanted people out of your sensitive data.

Back-Up & Recovery

Having all your critical data backed up is essential. We review your data backup processes and check they are enough to keep you from losing data in the event of a disaster or cyber-attack.

Monitoring and Compliance

Knowing what is happening on your network is key to IT security. We can suggest ways to continually monitor activity and alert you, so you know immediately if something suspicious is going on.

Staff Training

Educating your staff on cyber-security threats is a massive part of an overall security plan. Often, it’s the human, not the computer that causes a security breach. We can look at your current training and suggest ways to build on it to improve overall security.

Vulnerability Scanning

An optional scan for your whole network to find any current vulnerabilities in your systems and provide help and advice on how to patch them.

These areas ensure your business will not be open to cyber-attacks and give you the protection you need online.


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*Verizon Data Breach Report 2019

*NCSA 2019