As the year, and indeed the decade comes to an end, everyone turns their attention and thoughts to 2020.

The world of IT and tech changes and develops at such as fast pace. But with so much development in IT support and software solutions, which areas do we predict are the ones to take note of in 2020.

Here we pick our top three predictions in tech.

  1. Cyber-Security

If you follow us on social, you know by now we keep reiterating the importance of having the right foundations in place to ensure you are secure from cyber-attacks.

With these types of attacks on the rise, no business no matter what the size can be complacent. A trend that we will see more and more of in 2020 is the requirement of multi-factor authentication to help combat those cyber-attacks.

You may already have seen this in place in terms of your banking or any financial transactions that you make online. It usually means that to log in to a site, web portal or application, you need to enter an additional security code, often sent by text message.  In 2020, this method of security will become more commonplace as the battle against cyber-crime intensifies.

  1. The Cloud

We predict that the use of the Cloud will continue to grow rapidly in 2020. At Greystone we are big advocates of Cloud services. Using it can provide huge benefits business, can enhance productivity and be cost-effective. But as more businesses use the Cloud, there will undoubtedly become more need to monitor and measure employees use of it, and what is being stored there. Departments will have to validate the cost of Cloud storage as it becomes more utilised.

  1. Compliance

With the introduction of GDPR and with digital privacy being a major issue for the public and in the media, companies will have to make data privacy the centre of everything they do. Businesses will be further mandated to deal with people’s personal data responsibly and ethically and failure to comply will result in ever-increasing financial penalties. Customers will simply expect software that they use, especially for business to be compliant and not something that they need to check.


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