As a new year begins everyone tends to reminisce and look back on what they have achieved and what they hope the new year will bring.

At Greystone, we’re no different and had a think about what we achieved for our clients throughout the year and how we helped and supported them with their IT and software solutions.

So here, in numbers, is our 2019 achievements.

  • 510 individual customers staff supported
  • 2382 helpdesk tickets resolved
  • 488 computers upgraded to Windows 10
  • 22 servers built
  • 8 cyber security incidents responded to
  • 11 Leased line internet upgrades – Total bandwidth increase 1680Mb/s
  • 3 server room re-cablings
  • 4 cloud migrations
  • 3 more professional certifications attained
  • 3 IT systems relocated to new offices
  • 1 award won (woohoo)
  • 912 cups of coffee drunk (probably!)

So, there you have it. A by number sum up of our work for our clients in 2019. We are excited to see what 2020 will bring, especially as businesses become ever more reliant on IT and software solutions.

If you need any help with your IT in 2020, then please get in touch.

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