With Valentine’s Day around the corner, your thoughts may turn to the one you love, with presents, chocolates or flowers being bought to show them how much you care.

But what about showing some love and attention to your trusted personal computer. Yes, even computers need a little TLC every now and then. Plus, if you do show your computer some love, it can benefit you by running quicker, not slowing down and making you more productive.

Below we outline some tips on how to give your computer the attention it needs so your relationship blossoms.

Uninstall programmes

If you downloaded a programme that you needed a while ago but have never used it since. Uninstalling a programme can help free up memory which helps speed up your computer’s performance.

Install more memory

If your computer is slow. Then simply show your computer some love and install some more memory. Your computer will love you for it.

Upgrade its hard disk to a super-fast SSD drive

An SSD – a Solid State Drive, is the new generation of storage device used in computers. Get one of these installed and your computer will become more efficient and you’ll love it.

Schedule regular virus scans

You don’t want your computer to become poorly. By scheduling in regular virus scans and keeping your anti-virus up-to-date you can keep your computer fit and healthy.

Install recent software updates

New software updates fix bugs and help your computer perform better. So, make sure you help your computer out and keep installing those updates. You will have a better working relationship if you do.

Check your internet connection

Ensure your internet is fast enough for the work that you are doing and it is providing your computer with the decent download speeds. Check with your ISP for upgrade options if the internet seems slow.

And finally…clean it

Yes, you should regularly give your computers a spruce up. Dust can collect in the fan and a build-up could make your computer overheat and stop working. Also, the keyboard needs attention too, as dust particles can make the keys stick. So, go on, show your computer some love and give it a clean.

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