Our client Alliance had a problem.

Their problem was that they are good at what they do, and because of that, they grew fast. They found themselves suddenly needing a new scalable e-commerce website to flex to the needs of this changing business.

As a wholesale and distribution company for the fast-paced hotel and leisure industry, Alliance needed a web site that could be responsive to change. We understood our client’s business having worked with them for 12 years’ so we knew the capabilities they needed.

Our solution was to totally redesign their e-commerce website and host it on Amazon Web Services’ Cloud platform. This provides Alliance with a site that is highly scalable, adaptable and can change quickly as the company grows. It is also the most mature cloud service provider and offered the best solution needed as best price point.

The whole process took us around 3 months to move the business to the new system, including building, proof of concepts and testing.

Alliance are delighted with the new system, which has added many more capabilities to their business.

Happy Client = Result.

To read more, see our project case study here

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