Working from home is now being offered by many businesses to help employees’ work-life balance. Working from home can lead to a less stressed and more productive workforce. It builds trust and allows flexibility, whether that be picking up the children from school or being at home when your boiler needs maintenance. Nowadays there is more of an expectation to be allowed to work from home. But, for a business what do you need to have in place in order for staff to effortlessly move between the office and home?

Below we outline three secure IT systems that can enable your staff to work from home.

Cloud-Based Systems

A Cloud-based system such as Office 365 can allow employees to work “in the cloud”. It has a suite of productivity tools that you would expect, PowerPoint, Excel, Word etc that employees can install on their computer or use online, and upload their work back into the cloud when done.

This is a really effective way to work with minimum fuss and disruption to your business. Plus, it is secure.


A Virtual Private Network extends a private network (like your office) across a public network (the internet), enabling a user to send and receive data across the internet securely from home to the office. Allowing users to access a business server for example. It acts as if employees are connected to the office server without being in the office. It is a very secure way of working from home if you deal with sensitive information. This also provides a quick solution if you need your staff to work from home. Your IT consultant can buy the correct VPN routers and install it within a few hours.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is an application, which allows staff to have access to a remote computer over the Internet. Staff can then control and use the resources and applications hosted on that remote computer. A remote desktop server allows users to work from any location at home, on the road, or in the office to access and share their work. Using Remote Desktop can provide staff with something that looks very like their office desktop computer and work remotely in a very flexible and secure way.