The last few days have been a shift in our working life. Everyone has had to adapt to working from home. We certainly have seen our clients ask us to help them set up remote access to their IT systems from home, allowing for staff to have the same access to the technology they would expect in their office.

Working from home doesn’t have to hold you back. So, we thought it would be helpful to list some of the technologies that can help you be productive, efficient and most of all, stay in contact with your colleagues. Below are a few of our favourites.

For staying in touch

Skype may be the most well-known, but there is also Teams, Google Hangout, Zoom and others. These are all great for video calling, group calling, screen sharing and instant messaging for (remote) office banter!


If you are working on a presentation and need some input from people from your organisation, Office 365 has many built-in sharing and team collaboration tools which can help such as Planner and OneNote. Great to use if you have a team of people working on a project.

To help with the influx of home working, Microsoft is offering Office 365 and Teams free of charge for 6 months currently.


If you need to carry out a demonstration or present work. Then, Microsoft Whiteboard App can help by allowing the user to share a virtual whiteboard. Great looking and innovative tool and super easy to use too.

Share your work

Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive are great tools for sharing files and information within minutes with your colleagues via the internet.

Social Media

If you live on your own especially, social media can be a great way to feel part of an online community or a way to stay in touch with your colleagues via apps like Facebook Messenger.

Everything we have outlined can be accessed easily and is very simple to use. If you need to talk to us about any technology that can help you work from home, get in touch.

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