So here we are with the majority of us now working from home. For us at Greystone, we are used to it, we are usually working from a client’s office helping with their IT requirements or working remotely from home on client’s IT systems. But we understand that for a lot of people working from home is going to be a big shift.

So, we thought it may be useful to provide you with our tips on successfully working from home and helping you to put a structure in place.

Get up and get changed.

Yes, still set your alarm. Get up. Have breakfast, clean your teeth, have a shower and get dressed. It is very tempting (trust us we have been there) to stay in your PJs all day. But don’t, as eventually, that will become your routine and lines between work and home start to blur.

Mentally go to the office.

Once you have done the above. Then mentally go to the office. A good tactic for this is to simply walk around the block or your garden a few times, then come back into the house and go to your place of work. Whether that be a dedicated study room, a dining table, a kitchen island. As long you make the connection that you are now ‘at work’ it can help you to kick off working day.

Take breaks

For those of you who aren’t used to working at home, there is a tendency to be ‘seen’ working all the time. Don’t feel guilty about taking breaks regularly. In fact, take advantage of it. Make a cup of coffee the way you like it, rather than a colleague making it.  Go for a walk in the park (social distancing of course) or if the weather is nice, work from the garden.

Communicate (with technology of course)

Technology can be your best friend at a time like this. As a business, you should still make the most of social media and communication, plus using it to stay in touch with colleagues. We outline some useful pieces of technology here that can really make you feel as though you are in the office.

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