Cyber-criminals have stooped to a new low and are using the coronavirus outbreak to scam people and businesses online. According to security company Proofpoint, the attacks ranged from malicious attachments, links and spam to fake landing pages, fake business emails, and more.

At Greystone, we have always advised clients about online security to ensure their businesses are secure. But as criminals are using this pandemic to their advantage, we thought it would be a good idea to outline some things you should consider and look out for to protect yourself and your business.

Take time to think

When being asked to do something online like send money or download software, take a minute before complying. Ask yourself, “does this seem genuine?” When we know cybercriminals are using the virus to scam people, as well as their usual tactics, pause before responding to a request.

Too good to be true

Be wary of emails and texts offering really good deals on products that people are buying more of now that we are all in lockdown. Games consoles, TVs, face masks, etc. Just think before you buy.

Payment Protection

If you do buy something online for your business, make sure you don’t pay for any goods via bank transfer as it offers little protection, try and pay on a credit card.

Downloading Software

With cybercriminals often spoofing emails, never install any software attached or linked to from an email. Never grant remote access to your computer unless you are 100% sure it is genuine. IT updates are never done over an email attachment so just disregard them or ask your IT consultant to verify.

Tech Support

If you do need tech support, especially if you are having problems working from home, do your research carefully. Some cybercriminals are using fake landing pages to offer services that people will need while in lockdown. Be vigilant. If you want to know what foundations we think all businesses should have in place to combat cyber threats, read more here.

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