Lots of us are now working from home and using technology that we didn’t rely on as often as we do now. Zoom, is obviously hitting the headlines, but Microsoft Teams is also a good piece of technology that can help you keep in touch with work colleagues through group chats, instant messages and audio/video calls. Plus, Teams is included free with your Office 365 Subscription.

Here we outline some tips to help you get the best out of it.

Get the basics right

Using Teams means you need to be seen and heard. So, ensure you have a good webcam on your computer and also a good mic. The speaker sound on your computer is also a key factor, so if the speaker isn’t great, then plug in some headphones.

Filter activity via @mentions

As you are collaborating more with your colleagues via teams, you’ll obviously be getting more mentions and messages than you used too. So rather than trying to keep up with the message feed. A great tip is to use Activity Filter to see the messages that relate to just you, to ensure you don’t miss a thing.


You have probably already bookmarked some of your favourite websites on your computer, and now you can bookmark specific content in Teams too. This works well and will save you time if you are researching and need to refer back to specific information.

@mention someone in the search bar

Trying to send quick messages to someone but don’t want to lose focus on a task at hand? With the @mention feature in Microsoft Teams you can stay on task and still send quick messages without leaving your current window or project.

Rich text editing

Never accidentally press “Send” again while creating a message. Microsoft Teams lets you add a title, mark the message as important, and add other rich text options such as bullet points, highlighting and more.

Quick video or voice call.

It’s good to talk. With Teams, it can also be super quick to have a chat and catch up with a colleague. All you have to do is open up the chat with the person you’d like to video or call, then click on the video or call icons in the top right-hand corner and bingo, there you have it.

Hide the background.

While working from home you may not what the rest of the meeting seeing your home in the background of the video call. You can use the ‘Blur background’ option in Teams to hide your home working environment or even insert a picture of a virtual office or scenic view!

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