As the days begin to blur into one and lockdown continues, we are all probably finding things a little tougher as the weeks go by, but it may be worth remembering that if we were all in lockdown ten years ago, we would probably be finding it a lot harder. We’ve all turned to one form of technology or another to allow us to continue to be productive, informed and entertained – but how long have they actually been around?

Below we take a look at some of the technologies we rely on today that didn’t exist just a decade ago.

The iPad

Yes, that’s right. It’s hard to imagine it but the iPad was not even on sale a mere decade ago. As well as it now being used for work and play by adults. We think the iPad has become a favourite with parents up and down the country for entertaining their children. With new upgrades and models released every year, the iPad remains a firm favourite.


Launched just under ten years ago in October 2010, Instagram has become a go-to form of entertainment as well as an ideal way to kill some time.

Internet Speed

With a lot of us working from home, we are ever more reliant on the speed of our internet connection, especially as there is probably more than one person using it at the same time. But even if you are finding your internet connection slow and frustrating, think about what it was like 10 years ago where the average internet speed was 5.2mbps compared to 54.2mbps now! If you are having trouble with your internet speed, you can read our blog here covering tips of how to speed it up.

Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Ten years ago video calling was limited by the availability of suitable technologies, but with the launch of products like Microsoft Teams and Zoom we are all now using it. If you are on Microsoft Teams, we have some handy tips on how to get the best from it here.

Cloud Services

When working remotely many of the applications we use are linked to a Cloud based storage system, allowing you to upload work and documents to the Cloud as and when. Cloud Services are integrated into most remote working applications such as Microsoft Office 365; this has obviously made working in a lockdown situation a lot easier but this wouldn’t have been the case a decade ago as Cloud Services were in their infancy and not widely adopted.

Fitness Trackers

With the gyms closed, most of us are taking to the streets and parks and are running more as part of our daily exercise often measuring our progress with a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit, iWatch or a phone app. 10 years ago, we would have had to map it out and work out the distance covered ourselves, without the technology doing it for us.

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