At Greystone, we look after the IT support for a number of care homes across the region. With lockdown now in place, the challenge has been how to provide a high standard of ongoing IT support safely and without disruption, so that staff at the care homes can carry out their essential work.

A care home, like any business, relies heavily on their IT systems. They use critical data such as medical histories and drug schedules to look after their residents. Plus, more general day-to-day jobs which require IT, such as ordering supplies and printing records and notes. So, at this time, it is even more important that their systems are running effectively and are well supported.

With care homes now on full lockdown, when issues have risen with their IT (and they have) we haven’t been able to provide the on-site assistance that we usually would. So, like everyone, we have had to adapt, to ensure they can carry out their essential work.

We have relied more on our remote access tools that allow us to view and take control of computers remotely, so we diagnose and troubleshoot problems without needing to attend sites. But sometimes there is no replacement for a good old-fashioned phone call where we can talk staff through problems and explain the options and solutions.

Plus, as we all know, IT equipment needs some degree of maintenance to help prevent future problems. To keep everything running smoothly for the care homes, we have dropped off some replacement equipment, like new laptops and printers. In doing so, we have had to ensure that any kit we send is left outside, is sanitised and delivered appropriately to reduce any chance of germs getting in.

Despite these challenges, all our care home clients have continued to deliver their much-needed care services with their IT systems in place.

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