As the country slowly starts to move towards easing the lockdown and returning to a ‘new normal’ we’ve outlined five practical IT tasks that businesses will need to think about to prepare for their staff coming back to work.

  1. Check your network equipment.

For the past few weeks the majority of us have been working from home, or in some cases, not working at all. So, on-site networks and servers haven’t been utilised as much as they usually would have been. The first thing to do is to check your networking equipment and on-premise servers to ensure they are powered on, working and up to date with any critical security updates.

  1. Update your systems.

We all know that cyber criminals have been using the pandemic as a means to attack businesses online it is vital that you make sure all computers that haven’t been used for a while are updated with the latest security patches, applications and antivirus software. This will help your business be as secure as possible from the moment you are back in the office. For more about how to protect your business online see here.

  1. Check furloughed accounts.

As your staff return to work, ensure their accounts have been enabled and have sufficient software licences and subscriptions. You don’t want staff returning to work and not being able to hit the ground running.

  1. Ensure you have sufficient IT support.

Depending on your business type, you may not have relied on IT as heavily as some other businesses during lockdown. So once staff begin to return to work there will inevitably be a surge in usage.  Make sure you have sufficient IT support in place ready to respond quickly.

  1. Staff may need guidance.

Forgetting your password is something staff often do when they are in work but if they haven’t been in their place of work for some weeks, forgetting their password is probably one of the first things they will do. Therefore, staff may require some password resets by IT support and guidance on getting some IT systems back up and running again.

All the above your IT consultant or IT support provider will be able to help you with.

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