At Greystone, we have always been fans of Cloud computing and offer a range of solutions to our clients to support their businesses.

Cloud computing has been key to the success of many businesses across different industries, and never more so than now. The coronavirus pandemic has ‘forced’ many companies to adapt their business strategies and transform their ways of working to ensure employees can carry on functioning with minimal disruption.

The key to most of these business transformations has been the use of the Cloud.

Now people are slowly getting used to the ‘new normal’, we believe over the coming months we will see an increase in enquiries around the use of cloud-based services. This will be driven mainly by the increase in home working, lack of wanting to commute, especially by public transport, and finally just because people enjoy the flexibility that home working offers.

There will, of course, be those who will be itching to get back into the office and who have missed the interaction of an office atmosphere while in lockdown. But that is where cloud-based services can help to provide flexible working options, whether employees want to work from home or in the office.

As well as being able to aid working from any location, cloud-based services have applications and technology that integrate seamlessly into your local IT infrastructures. So, as a user, you will hardly notice the transition.  Plus, cloud-based services are safe, with ongoing security updates and access controls which provide peace of mind no matter where your employees are operating from.

We have seen most businesses act quickly across all sorts of industries from medical to advertising to convert their operations to the Cloud, reinforcing the fact that the Cloud is adaptable to any type of business.

For those businesses who have been considering cloud-based services, the coronavirus pandemic has proved just how useful and dependable the Cloud has become, bringing about a long-term change on how businesses can now operate.

If you require any advice on how to make your business transition to the cloud, then please get in touch.

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