Working from home for some people was the dream, but now that it’s a reality for the majority it may not be all it cracked up to be!

Below are five tips for you to consider when you are building an office at home for the first time.

Get the space right.

We all love our own space, and crucial to a home office is the actual working area. Where your office is situated could be key to your productivity. Where possible, a light, quiet and reasonably spacious area is ideal with a proper desk or table and a good WIFI signal. Also, being able to close the door on your work in the evening is great for work-life balance, so a spare room or study is perfect if you have one.


A good quality office chair should be the next step once you’ve decided where your desk will be situated. It can be tempting to grab an old dining chair and pop it in your home office. Being comfortable is vital for productivity, so it may be worth investing in a proper office style chair. Your back will thank you in the long run!


The need for a strong internet connection is now a given if we are working from home. If you live in a smaller property the chances are your WIFI signal will reach you wherever you are in your home. But if you are in a larger property it may be worth beefing up your signal depending on where you have set your office up. Signal boosters are a great way of extending your WIFI signal and do not cost the earth. See more of our WIFI tips are here.


Make sure you have the kit you need. A good Webcam and headset are important if you need to attend video calls and meetings. If you are working from a laptop, consider an additional monitor to give you more screen space. It may seem a little obvious but check how many power sockets your home office has, and think about getting a surge protected multiplug to power all your home office equipment.


It is worth checking if your software is up to date and has the latest security software in place now that you are working from home and the IT department can’t easily get to you. Making sure you have the latest updates is good practice. Plus, look into some great applications such as Microsoft Teams to help you become more productive and keep in touch with colleagues on video calls.

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