We have probably all read how the Russians have allegedly attempted to hack UK clinical data, if not you can read it here. In our online world, data is always the most valuable commodity. Banking, insurance, and security are obvious targets for cyber-criminals. It does not really matter what industry you are in, there is always someone who will want to get hold of your data. During the COVID-19 pandemic, another valuable commodity is its clinical research data.

We have been working with Aptus Clinical in Cheshire to ensure their valuable research is secure and accessible only to those with the correct authority. Aptus Clinical is a specialist clinical research organisation, with expertise in oncology, rare diseases and advanced cell and gene therapies. Their recent research includes valuable insights into promising cancer and Covid-19 treatments.

But because of Covid-19 they have had to adapt their working practices to allow their research to continue in the workplace as well as from home. This has thrown up the issue of access and security. One, to ensure that only authorised people can access the right information from where they are working, and two, now that access is remote, ensuring this sensitive and highly valuable data is completely secure.

We decided to build on their existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure and use Microsoft Intune to provide multiple tiers of security for data held in their Cloud environment.

Intune provides a wealth of security features that can be leveraged across the existing Cloud IT systems, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange Email and Teams.

Mobile Device Management is a key service provided by Intune, which allows remote configuration, updating and management of Aptus Clinical’s staff computers and devices. While Mobile Application Management enforces policies to control which staff have access to what data using only allowed applications.

Once all this was set up, ongoing reporting and administration is very simple to use via the Intune online portal.

With everything in place and Intune security policies now written, Aptus Clinical’s Cloud environment and data is greatly secured, both by restricting access from the unknown and from access internally. This provides assurance to Aptus Clinical’s customers that all their sensitive data is protected and secure.

You can read our full case study here – Intune Mobile Device and Application Management Case Study

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