As workers across the UK start to return to an office environment, things are bound to be a little different. Flexible working may mean that staff start to return in shifts or are allowed to work in bubbles with certain colleagues. However, as the return to work takes place it is pretty certain that for now, for the majority at least, no one will be in an office on a permanent basis.

So, with businesses adapting to flexible working patterns and allowing staff to work from a variety of locations. Now maybe a good time to look at outsourcing your IT to help your business support staff across multiple locations.

We outline some benefits of using an outsourced Managed Service Provider to support and manage your IT systems below.

Your business and staff will always be a priority.

With a Managed Service Provider (or MSP) being on hand, albeit remotely on the phone or email, it means if any issues arise they can be quickly contacted and sort any issues there and then with minimum disruption to productivity. Plus, with remote technology now in place, such as the ability to screen share or take remote control, most IT issues can be fixed without needing to be in the office.

Ongoing cost-effectiveness

Hiring a good IT manager can be costly, not only with their salary but also with on-going training costs. IT managers need to keep on top of technological advances and therefore need the appropriate training in order to do so. With an MSP, you don’t need to factor in these costs, plus you’ll get a full team of experienced consultants looking after your business, not just one body. Win-Win.

Bespoke to your business

A good IT consultancy or MSP will build IT systems that are bespoke to your business and flex to its needs. They will ensure that you have the latest updates and technology to protect against cyber-attacks to keep you and your colleagues safe online.

An MSP never goes on holiday.

Well, they do, but you won’t notice it. With an MSP you get a team of people who are always there. If your IT manager goes on holiday and an IT issue arises, who’s going to sort it out? With an outsourced MSP, you will receive an always-on approach.


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