A great IT system is crucial for any business now more than ever before. Not just to allow employees to flex their working patterns, but also to allow change and growth. For most people, IT is perceived as sending an email or updating a file – it just needs to work.

But as businesses adapt by working remotely, increasing their online presence or developing new methods of delivery, IT needs to be at the heart of a business model to ensure it can grow and effectively ‘work’.

So, the obvious decision is to hire someone in to oversee the IT systems and strategy for the business. But that may not be necessarily the right choice. So here we outline some of the benefits and differences of what an IT consultancy and IT Director can bring to your business.

Strategic IT Recommendations

Whoever you engage with, whether it be an external consultancy or in-house director, they should always be looking at the growth and needs of a business now, and in the future. Of course, your current IT system needs to work and service the business in the present, but we all know our reliance on technology systems will grow. Therefore, they need to be looking to the future and deciding what applications, resources, systems and security need to be integrated into the business now to help it thrive. As technology changes so fast, whoever is in your business – needs to be thinking ahead.

Board Level IT

Any consultancy is often seen as a bought in resource, but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be integrated into your business.  IT should be at the heart of any business and whether you have an IT Director or an IT consultancy, both should be on the board to steer the company into the future. Greystone, for example, is on a few company boards where the business doesn’t have an in-house resource, so they can advise and guide the company to reach its goals.

Evolving your IT

The benefit of having an IT consultancy working in your business is that they can bring expert knowledge and learning from a number of different industries. Of course, you need someone who understands your business and its IT needs. But a consultancy that is working with a variety of businesses and is exposed to different ‘ways and means’ may benefit your company in the long run.

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