Many things can change when you are running a business. You may move offices, make logistical changes, switch suppliers and generally work differently as the business grows.

These business decisions are all exciting to make, but alongside all these choices there is another important consideration that goes hand in hand with each of them – That of the IT systems to support them.

For most businesses when they see growth, their IT requirements are the last thing on their mind. But it is vital that you think of your IT needs first before making business decisions to support growth. It is easy to rush things through. But it is important to involve your IT team so they can help you plan for the changes effectively.

Here we outline some considerations and why your IT team should be the first to know any business decisions.

New office, but no internet connection

It may be exciting to move to a new office, but once your staff get there and settle into their new surroundings, the excitement wears off when things don’t work. It can take 6-8 weeks to install a new business-class internet connection. As new chairs and desks are ordered, sometimes the internet provider is contacted last, so the actual move goes well, but the IT systems are left behind.

New team hires may need more server capacity

As the company expands and the business hires new people, your IT systems and servers may get overloaded and not run as efficiently, slowing down business and productivity for employees.

Whenever making new hires, it is important to inform your IT team so they can not only ensure the employee has the right equipment and access, but also your IT systems can operate efficiently with extra capacity.

New people, new equipment

Someone new starts and they are sat twiddling their thumbs at their desk. We’ve seen this before.  As soon as you make a new hire, purchase a new computer and don’t leave it to chance. Even when the new computer arrives, it will still take some time to set up the necessary applications and security. Don’t leave it too late.

For growing businesses, it is important that your IT team or IT consultancy is involved from the outset for any key decisions, so they can help project manage those changes to ensure your business operates effectively.

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