As 2020 comes to an end we’re sure every business is looking forward to a New Year and a new outlook.  2020, in our opinion, was the year where IT and technology became even more vital as business and employees had to pivot how they worked and, in order to do so, IT became instrumental in how we all did business.

So, as we move into 2021, we outline our top three IT predictions for the year ahead.

Supply Chain Security Breaches

We are always trying to educate our clients and customers about the importance of good cyber-security. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and have made numerous headlines this year as cyber-criminals attack big businesses for their data. As experts in cyber-security, we make sure all our clients are as secure as possible from cyber-attacks.  But what about your supply chain? As cyber-criminals look to attack a business, they may not go direct, they may look to compromise some of your supply chain in order to get access to your businesses environment – which is their main aim.

As cyber-criminals get more inventive and technology advances, we predict more supply chain cyber-attacks and breaches in 2021.

Flexible Working and Flexible Technology

Throughout 2020, we have worked hand in hand with all our clients to help adapt their business to home working and become more flexible, while maintaining a secure environment. Flexible working will continue into 2021 and companies will be re-assessing how their staff access company information remotely. We predict businesses will start to move their data out of their offices and data centres and into The Cloud, to help employees access it in and out of the office.

Gadgets For The Home Office

Leading on from the point above, we predict a rise in home office gadgets as people look to add to their office environment. Webcams, smart lighting, speakerphones and headsets will all boom. Plus, as people are using the WIFI more we predict a rise in Mesh WIFI systems, which enable you to boost your signal right around your home and eliminating areas of weak WIFI signals.

So that’s our predictions for 2021, to see what we predicted this year, click here.

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