The Learning & Work Institute recently said that the number of young people taking IT subjects at GCSE level has dropped by 40% since 2015. That is a massive number who are turning away from this subject. In comparison, consultants, Accenture revealed that the demand for AI, cloud and robotics skills are soaring.

At Greystone, especially over the past year, we have noticed a demand for our skills from clients and not just across the IT services we provide but also across our bespoke software solutions. It is safe to say that whatever industry you operate in, the use of technology has increased as we have all become more reliant on it.

The Learning & Work also revealed that 70% of young people expect employers to invest and teach them digital skills when employed. But only half of the employers surveyed were equipped to do so.

So, if young people understand the need for more technical and digital skills, why are they not moving into careers that provide that? The report outlines four main reasons why the lack of digital skills is rising:

A lack of clearly-defined job roles in certain fields

A lack of understanding about the potential career paths

A lack of relatable role models

A difficulty in making technical professions seem appealing to young people and women in particular.

At Greystone, we are growing and always looking for people who want to develop their IT careers and their knowledge of the industry. We are a close-knit team that can provide you with the support and learning you need to excel. Plus, it is an exciting area to work in as we work alongside our clients to deliver solutions for their businesses across a range of sectors such as:

  • Wholesale and delivery
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Medical research
  • Medical insurance
  • Technology/Web marketing
  • Care homes
  • B2B and B2C ecommerce

Plus, here we have outlined some key skills you need to have a great career in IT and get the best out of the role. Always good to know!

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