Since 1999 Greystone has been providing IT support to SMEs across the North West.  We sat down with one of our Technical Support Consultants, Adam Ferrari to find out more about him and his role within the team.

GT: So, why do you enjoy working at Greystone?

AF: After attaining an HND in Computer Science, my first role was working as IT support within a further education college.  Although this was a great environment to build up my skills, I felt it was lacking in development opportunities.  The position at Greystone offered me a route into a role with a close-knit team with plenty of opportunities to progress.

There is always variety in the work, with two days never being the same. There is also a range of people I am in contact with, from front line staff such as warehouse staff to the company MD or Owner.  This has been a brilliant way to build up my knowledge of the customer and how they operate. As well as being the first point of contact for those needing support, I am heavily involved in the more strategic initiatives that help keep our customers ahead of the curve with their technology.

As I said, in my previous role, I couldn’t see how I would progress my career which I found frustrating. I was delighted with the opportunity at Greystone because it’s a great team to be part of.  I am always learning, I feel valued and well supported and there are some great development opportunities.

GT: Any particular projects you have enjoyed working on?

AF: Part of our role as technology partner to our customers means that we work at a strategic level with customers to identify potential improvements or recognise potential future issues.  One of these incidences was during the transition to home working during the pandemic and security was a concern.  Over the course of a month, we swiftly deployed Two-Factor Authentication across all staff to significantly increase system access security and keep their productivity levels high safely.

I’m currently working on a project for a client to upgrade over 100 PCs…which is quite a lot! The PCs are located across several depots throughout the UK and Ireland so that’s an additional logistical challenge I am having to overcome. The final part of the project is to dispose of the equipment using secure WEEE recycling services.  There are few plates to spin with this project, but it’s been really satisfying bringing it all together.

GT: What keeps you happy outside of work?

AF: As a Dad to a 2 year old daughter I am kept pretty busy and working at a desk all day we like to get outdoors as much as possible.  While at home we like to go for walks in the countryside and often go out cycling with our daughter in the bike seat which she loves.  Our summers are spent in Anglesey in North Wales enjoying the sunshine and beach life.