We have surveyed the technology landscape and investigated the Top Technology Trends due to impact Greystone and our SME customers in 2022.  One thing is for certain, we will be seeing rapid developments in the technology space with the launch of cutting-edge innovations across all industries.

Increased focus on security

Cyber threats are on the rise and show no sign of slowing in 2022.  Targeted ransomware is currently one of the main risks to organisations with the attacks becoming more sophisticated, more aggressive and often involve AI.  We work with our clients to implement a ‘prevention, rather than cure’ mindset and as part of our role as technology partner we design and deliver these policies to safeguard their employees and customers.


  • Cyber-attacks such as phishing are on the increase so it’s important that SME’s are aware of the warning signs.
  • Cyber Essentials is an excellent starting point to increase users awareness to potential threats.

Data handling

  • If there is a clear desk policy in place, we suggest spot checks to the remote working environment.
  • Ensure that only company devices are used for email and messaging.
  • Training is often required for GDPR purposes making employees aware of the legal requirement of data management.


  • Introduce long and complex passphrases to decrease chances of systems being hacked.
  • Restrict the sharing of company devices with family members and/or friends
  • Encourage employees to lock devices when they are away from their desk remotely and when working in the office

Passwordless Authentication

As AI and cyber criminals become smarter and with the majority of security breaches being related to weak or stolen passwords, we are in no doubt that we will see a further shift towards passwordless authentication.  This means that to verify a user’s identity, authentication will rely on more secure alternatives such as possession factors or biometrics.  Not only will this help eliminate the use of multiple, complex and unmemorable passwords, it will protect against aggressive phishing attacks.  As far as Greystone are concerned, we see this as essential to keeping both us and our customers safe.

Work from anywhere model

Following a rapid shift to home working in 2020, the coming year will see SMEs embracing the ‘work from anywhere model’ and mastering the challenge of the hybrid working environment. We are continuing to help our customers build virtual spaces to enable communication and collaboration.  As well as the obvious tools such as SharePoint and Teams, we expect to see a wider adoption of applications from the Microsoft 365 suite to ensure teams stay connected with their colleagues and customers.  With new features and functionalities being released regularly, there is an increased appetite for learning about how new tools can improve productivity and efficiency.

Flexible working is also fast-tracking cloud transformation projects and at Greystone we have seen dramatic changes in the way our customers operate.  The next year will see us designing and managing digitisation strategies to drive efficiencies, improve productivity as well as facilitating growth.

Sustainability in Technology

We are more reliant on technology than ever before and balancing this with the mounting pressure on businesses to become more sustainable can prove to be challenging.  We are pleased to see that green initiatives and services are rising in popularity and there is a shift in SMEs towards a reuse and repair mentality, rather than replace.  Expect this to become a growing trend in 2022 as interest develops in making technology become more environmentally and economically sustainable.

Working as Technology Partner, we keep on top of the latest technology trends and how they impact our customers.  We are a huge advocate of embracing and leveraging emerging innovations to help our customers stay ahead of the competition and meet their growth plans.