What is Custom Built Software?

Also known as bespoke software, custom built software is the construction and development of programs and other operating information, that meet the specific needs of a client.

This includes the adaptation of design, usability, and infrastructure.

Bespoke software allows you to streamline its uses, cutting out any disposable features, whilst adding in attributes that will optimise the business. For businesses that drive for efficient growth, it’s the best solution to software instalments.

What are 3 benefits of Bespoke Software?

  1. As your business grows, your software can too!

Due to the ability to continuously customise your software, you can add or enhance features as your business sees fit. Meaning you won’t need to replace the entire software package every time you want to grow your business.

  1. Endless options to support your business.

The opportunities are endless. As it is a bespoke creation, any feature your business feels it needs can be included in its making. This ultimate customisation will enable your business to be as efficient as possible.

  1. Employee training is easier.

Due to the tailored features, the relevancy to the employees’ function will be stronger. This will make the features easier to understand as they are more applicable.

It can also be built to meet the capabilities of the employees. For example, if they are tech novices, a simpler design can be installed to increase usability.

Why would you need it?

Bespoke software is often used, but in no way limited to the following industries:

  • Recruitment
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

These are all industries that require high performing digital tools. Their operations rely on smooth transitions, automated administrative tasks, reliable online interactions, efficiency within digitalized operations and most importantly customer experience.

Many other businesses outside of these industries will also prioritise these attributes. They all contribute to the successful growth of a business from the ground up.

Having tools that are specifically designed for your operation, ensures your priorities are met and the efficiencies lie where you intend.

When would you need it?

There is no correct time to gain bespoke software, as it will be to your advantage day and night.

The ideal time however would be at the beginning of your software installations, or at a point in which your business requires an upgrade.

This is optimal as you will have your priorities and requirements set for what is necessary for your business to grow. This can therefore also be met in the creation of your software at this time.

How does language impact custom built software?

The customisation of software and language go hand in hand.

Global business operations often reach multiple countries, and therefore multiple languages. Tailoring the language to a specific employee’s language is another form of software customisation.

It benefits:

  1. Usability

Having the local language available to employees in their use of applications and tools within the software creates a much simpler working environment.

  1. Accuracy

It will increase the accuracy of employee actions. This is because any previous language barriers will have been diminished, reducing communication-based mistakes.

  1. Benefits a diverse workforce

Diversity within the workplace is crucial for a successful business. Having the option to navigate software within a mother-tongue helps employees to feel valued and respected.

How do you translate it?

Look for a translation company who have accredited, industry-specific translators. Technology translations, including software translations, is a technical process. The data translated must be in the same format as the original, symbols such as %~>* must be kept in the same place and format to ensure a smooth transition for the technology in the translated language.

They require translators who are versed in the subject matter and have an in-depth understanding of custom-built software. Such agencies can provide these translators, to ensure your software is optimised, no matter what the language is.