Meeting customer expectations and resolving users’ concerns is the top priority at Greystone. As the regular point of contact between our business and our customers, we invest time and resources in ensuring our Service Desk team is effective and is driving customer satisfaction.

David Denton is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Service Desk, and in this latest Ask the Experts articles, he outlines the key factors to running a successful Service Desk.

Having the right team

Starting with the right people and building strong relationships will establish strong foundations for any Service Desk.  As a small team, the dynamics are so important.  It is essential that we foster an environment that is supportive, and progressive and where personal development is paramount.  We have regular meetings to discuss individuals’ personal goals and support them to enhance their professional skills and expertise.

Interpersonal skills are central in a role like this, as we need to engage with customers to understand their pain points and communicate solutions effectively.  We create an environment and culture where our team is empowered and confident that they are delivering the best outcome every time.

Developing the right processes

The processes we adhere to on Service Desk have been developed to support our customers’ needs as well as our business goals. We continually review these to ensure that they there are fit for purpose and drive the required outcomes for all concerned.  By providing structure to the activities carried out by the Service Desk, we are giving the team a strong sense of direction whilst outlining what is expected of them.

We ensure that communication lines between us and the customer are always open and will regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys to highlight where our processes could improve and we will adjust accordingly.

Adopting the right tools

Although our customers all have different needs, they are all aligned when it comes to their requirements to have a swift response to their support issues.  Identifying the correct tools, and ensuring they support our customers’ needs is key.  Providing the Service Desk team with the right tools will enable them to streamline processes and increase their effectiveness when dealing with support issues.

We work collaboratively to identify new ways of working and continually assess the market for new tools and techniques that will boost our Service Desk performance.

Knowing our customers

One of the key factors in the success of our Service Desk is how well we know our customers’ business objectives and understand their unique pain points.  Our in-depth knowledge is shared globally around the team, which means we can immediately identify business-critical issues and adapt the Service Desk priorities as needed.

The success of our customers is paramount, so we provide our team with the right environment, processes and tools to improve their skills and confidence.  By keeping our Service Desk engaged and driven, we create a high-performing team leading to better service and customer satisfaction.