Cloud Solutions and Services

The Cloud refers to software, services, and IT infrastructure available via the internet, that runs on systems managed by a 3rd party instead of on your local computer, servers, or network.


Cloud services are designed to provide inherently scalable and highly available systems that would otherwise be extremely costly and complex to run on your internal IT infrastructure. Our qualified cloud architects are certified and highly skilled in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Office 365 platforms and have performed many migrations of different sizes and types of workloads and services, including the following areas:

Scalable Web Hosting

Email and Unified Communication

High-availability Databases

Data Processing and Storage

Data Backup

Disaster Recovery

Software Development Integration

AWS Select Partner

How we can help

Using the Cloud for IT services can be extremely beneficial to many businesses. We ensure that we help our clients leverage cloud technology by designing, configuring, and migrating system workloads from on-premises servers and infrastructure into the Cloud.

  • We can advise, explain, and plan on how best to use the many offerings AWS has. As well as help you understand which one is right for you.
  • Help with the migration of your current on-premises workloads, web services, and apps.
  • Assist your current IT team and developers create and use a CI/CD (Continuous Integration /Continuous Deployment) pipeline to allow you to minimise downtime and maximise time to deploy new versions of your web service or app.
  • Advise on the best way to move any services or servers you have to the cloud.

Who we work with

We have established a proven track record of working with businesses in the Pharma, Healthcare, Technology, Transport, and eCommerce sectors and focus on SME’s in Manchester, Cheshire, and the Northwest.

Together with our partnerships with Amazon AWS and Microsoft we are confident we can help you and your business understand how the cloud and “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) can help reduce your system costs and complexity while improving availability and scalability.

For further details on using the cloud download our free white paper ‘Using the Cloud – A Quick Guide for SMBs’