Data Networking & Leased Lines

Data Network Design and Implementation

Data networking provides the base for a business’s whole IT infrastructure. Getting this right is the foundation for stable and reliable systems.

Greystone’s data network consultants can provide corporate network design and implementation covering Local Area Networks (LAN), secure Wi-Fi access and Wide Area Networks (WAN) such as inter-office links. This could be for a new office building, site, or reviewing an existing network setup.

Many businesses need a more agile way of working and have home-based or remote staff.  We can provide remote-working solutions providing secure access to your corporate networks using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or other remote access technologies.


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Leased Lines and Dedicated Internet Access

We can also provide a range of leased line solutions including traditional fiber-optic as well as microwave radio leased lines to give fast, secure and extremely flexible data connectivity to locations that would otherwise be costly or difficult for traditional leased lines.

If you are in a location that does not have reliable and fast broadband services, or if your business has outgrown basic broadband then a dedicated leased line is the best option and doesn’t come at a large cost.

Greystone partners with Northwest leaders in leased line and microwave link solutions. This enables our customers to enjoy the many benefits of flexible connectivity solutions, which blend the best of fiber-optic, wired and wireless leased lines technology to offer high speed and very reliable direct internet access or site-to-site links with capacities from 1Mbps up to 10Gbps.

Small fixed install costs – no hidden extras

Lead times of 5-10 working days

Symmetrical bandwidths from 1-10,000Mb

No contention

Quick re-location flexibility

SLA 99.95% uptime

Guaranteed 4-hour fix time

Available in Manchester, Cheshire and the Northwest

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