Networking & Security

Data Network Design and Implementation

Data networking provide the base for a business’s whole IT infrastructure. Getting this right is the foundation for stable and reliable systems.

Greystone’s network consultants can provide corporate network design and implementation covering Local Area Networks (LAN), secure Wi-Fi access and Wide Area Networks (WAN) such as inter-office links. This could be for a new office building, site, or reviewing an existing network setup.

Many businesses need a more agile way of working and have home-based or remote staff.  We can provide remote-working solutions providing secure access to your corporate networks using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or other remote access technologies.

Leased Lines and Microwave Internet Links

We can also provide a range of leased line solutions including traditional fibre-optic and microwave leased line connections to give fast, secure and extremely flexible data connectivity to locations that would otherwise be costly or difficult for traditional leased lines.

Affordable leased lines are the next step if you have outgrown basic broadband connections or are in a location where you cannot get reliable broadband speeds.

Read more about our leased line products here.

Network Management and Security

Network and computer security should be near the top of any business’s IT strategy but is often ignored or not well implemented. This is simply because it is one of the more difficult aspects of IT systems to manage

Every year the number of incidents of cybercrime, data breaches, and malware attacks goes up. Every year the regulatory fines and loss of consumer confidence also gets higher!

We can work with you and your business to establish where the vulnerabilities in your organisation lie, and how to best provide security solutions with a low productivity impact and at an affordable cost.

We can provide services from full network security audits to designing and implementing Firewall & Network Access solutions, 2 Factor Authentication, Antivirus/Anti-malware, Anti-Spam and Email Security, Data Encryption, and Employee Monitoring.

We have partnerships with several industry-leading technology providers and the real world experience on how to implement the correct solution for you.

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