Office 365

Email is usually the lifeblood of a business, whether on-premise email servers such as Microsoft Exchange or cloud-based such as Office 365. Therefore, it is critical that email services are reliable and correctly configured for your business needs.

Greystone has over 20 years of experience with the email and communication needs of businesses of all sizes, specialising in both Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Server and Outlook email systems.

Office 365 and Unified Communications

Unified Communication extends the email platform to include instant messaging, user presence information, voice calling and video conferencing. All features that are essential collaboration tools for the modern business and which are included in the Office 365 suite.

We can help set up, migrate to and manage all types of email and unified communications from simple desktop email clients to fully integrated mobile communications platforms for mobile and remote workers.

Office 365 is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most feature email, collaboration and communication platforms for any sized business.

Email Security

Over 90% of cyber-attacks and security incidents start via an email.

Email and communications security are paramount and with the ever-increasing levels of spam email, phishing and targeted spear-phishing attacks, we have focused on email security technologies to help protect your business’s email and data.

Using technology such multi-factor authentication (MFA), standards-based authentication checks (DMARC/DKIM/SPF) as well as advanced multi-tier malware and spam scanning technologies, we can keep your business’s communications safe and secure.

To further protect your business email environment and remain compliant with any regulatory standards that may apply in your sector, we can provide proactive monitoring and alerting and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) combined with detailed activity auditing. Giving you total peace of mind that everything is secure.