Virtualization & Servers

With years of experience designing and implementing business servers and having partnerships with leading server hardware vendors and suppliers, Greystone are well-placed to assist in any server installations, maintenance or upgrades.

As physical servers become more powerful and power efficient the ability of business’s to consolidate old inefficient servers into smaller numbers of ‘virtual server hosts’ has increased.


Virtualization improves performance while saving costs

With virtualization technology server workloads that needed to run on multiple physical servers can now run on just one, saving costs and maintenance overheads. But this consolidation of services can be complex and needs to be a well-designed balance of performance, availability, and cost-saving.


Simple migration from legacy server hardware

We can help migrate from your old legacy hardware servers onto new consolidated virtual server platforms. We have expertise in all the key areas of virtualization; compute, storage and networking. As, if any one aspect of a virtual server project is incorrectly configured it can impact the performance of the whole system.

We have worked with clients to migrate systems from old unsupported hardware to new virtualization systems with zero downtime and zero business impact. Ultimately providing the client with a more resilient and better-performing server infrastructure while saving significant costs.

Custom physical servers

We can also provide expertise in using physical servers for smaller environments through to particularly demanding or specialised workloads. From highly demanding Database’s servers to legacy application servers. We can set up, configure and maintain any custom computing functions you may need.