Wireless Leased Line Case Study (Manchester/Dublin)

Customer Profile

Search Engine Easy is a leading Google Ads agency in the UK and Ireland. Greystone has worked on various IT projects for them over the last 10 years, including their internet and inter-office connectivity (Wireless Leased Line).

Business Issue

SEE have offices in central Manchester and Dublin, but despite being in these central locations they found it difficult to get reliable and fast data internet connections. This was mainly due to congested city centre exchanges, where fast fibre broadband is oversubscribed and therefore not readily available.  Also, fibre optic leased lines proved expensive and inflexible and unreliable, again due to congested and aging local exchanges.

They needed a solution that provided reliable and fast data connections with a provider that understood the need to be flexible and adaptable when necessary.

IT Solution

Greystone is data communications specialists and partners with several trusted ISPs. By leveraging microwave radio technology, a solution was designed that covered all requirements at a cost that was significantly less than their previous traditional fibre leased lines.

The solution uses rooftop line-of-site dishes that connect their premises to a local ISP with a high capacity, low latency data link. A secondary backup link provided in case the microwave link should fail.

These wireless leased lines provide uncontended bandwidth over a secured microwave link and are 100% independent from BT exchanges and infrastructure.

As they are wireless, the leased lines are often much easier and quicker to install, relocate or change capacity compared to traditional fibre optic, and are also less costly to the end customer.

Technology Used

  • 100Mb-1000Mb Microwave radio leased lines
  • 95% uptime guarantees and 4-hour to fix SLA
  • DSL for secondary backup connections
  • Next-Generation UTM (Unified Threat Management) firewalls

Results and Benefits

After several years using this solution Search Engine Easy has never had a significate outage or problem with their wireless leased lines and has found it easy and straightforward to upgrade the speed and capacity as their needs have increased.

A word from Search Engine Easy...

SE Easy Ltd have been assisted by Greystone for almost 10 years now. They provide full service across all our IT requirements. From the original and ongoing development of our CRM system software through to our infrastructure and hardware installation and support. Always reliable, always quick to respond and understand any issue I'd definitely recommend Greystone to other businesses.

Keith Dean - SEEasy Ltd