Custom Application Development

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a business approach for identifying, managing and improving a company’s relationship and interactions with its customers. Technology is a key factor to make this happen efficiently and to reap the most benefits for you and your customers.

Below are some examples of our custom-built CRM systems.

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SPS - Sales Procurement and Stock

SPS has been developed for customers who want an integrated system to manage their stock, purchases, accounts and customer interfaces and allows you to be both dynamic and proactive with your customers. It allows comprehensive drill-down into historical data and provides real-time information on stock, prices, and customer activities.

SPS can include e-commerce functionality that can be integrated into your own website, making it possible for your customers to place orders and to access information about their account, deliveries or transactions.

This distribution management software was specifically developed for companies that operate with the need for tight margin control and world-class stock management reporting.

Credit Control System

Our tailorable desktop Credit Control system can hook into any existing accounts system to retrieve your invoicing data. It will automatically populate your user’s action lists and allow them to record/set all actions and contact with your customers.

Based on your adjustable criteria it will produce Risk Reports, Exposed Debt, and Debtors Lists.

Core Data Management

New systems often take a long time to fully develop depending on the complexity of your business’ core building blocks. At Greystone, we have developed an efficient and flexible framework application that can be applied to almost all business models. This allows you to rapidly build up a customer/data menu-driven structure.

We have found that the quicker you visualise your information, the sooner you can start to build the processes that power your business.


TaskMaster has been developed for customers who want a greater degree of control over the tasks carried out within their business.

TaskMaster tracks task and job status including costs, time inputs and billing, giving you and your clients up to the minute status and progress information.

TaskMaster was built as a comprehensive IT based process management system to put you back in control of the tasks, billing, purchasing, and customer / supplier relationships that are so critical to the success of your business.

TaskMaster manages membership schemes and subscriptions, training courses and records, and events such as seminars and exhibitions.