Outsourced IT Support & Migration to the Cloud


MorganAsh is a leading provider of medical support services to organisations and financial institutions.  Combining bespoke, productivity enhancing technology with professional healthcare expertise, MorganAsh are perfectly positioned to provide unique and tailored services across the UK, Eire and Germany.

Greystone provide MorganAsh with fully managed IT support, cyber security support, IT project support and work with their senior leadership team to deliver IT Director as a Service (ITDaaS) as required.

The Challenge

Since 2004, MorganAsh has been pioneering innovations to improve the efficiency and integrity of financial support services. Growing at pace, and with clear ambitions for further development, MorganAsh took the strategical decision to move from inhouse IT support to an outsourced managed service.

When considering the key drivers for change, Andrew Gething, Managing Director at MorganAsh said: “As a small business with big plans, we knew that in order to meet our business objectives, we’d need to make a strategic change in moving our IT systems to the cloud and engage with experts who could support us through this migration and beyond”

As a business that relies on technology to deliver their service, MorganAsh concluded that the expertise and knowledge they needed far exceeded that of their inhouse resource and therefore started the search for a technology partner who could bring the full spectrum of IT support without disruption to operations and business continuity.

Being FCA regulated, security and safeguarding of data is paramount, so not only did MorganAsh need a partner that could deliver on day-to-day infrastructure support, they needed track record in providing security protocol to ISO27001 standards.

The Approach

To make the move from inhouse support to outsourced managed service a success, MorganAsh embarked on a tender process to ensure that the future provider was the right fit, from both a cultural and technical perspective.  Greystone came highly recommended to MorganAsh and following an assessment of their tender and organisational alignment, they were appointed as the new managed service provider.

Acknowledging that this project was business critical for MorganAsh, Greystone set about a full audit of their current systems and processes and worked with MorganAsh to design an IT system to meet their current and future requirements.

Speaking about the appointment of Greystone Andrew Gething, Managing Director at MorganAsh said: “One of our main concerns when moving to outsourced support was the potential impact this could have on day-to-day operations.  Therefore, it was important that we partnered with a company that understood our business inside out and could remain agile throughout the transition and in the future – essentially we were looking for an extension of our own team.”

The Solution

With technology solutions at the heart of MorganAsh’s offering, their development team was a key consideration in this project.  To protect business critical activity, it was determined that a staged transition would be the most appropriate.  Operating a hybrid model to begin meant that the developers would work on an inhouse environment with operational applications moving to Azzure.  , Greystone embarked on a large infrastructure and hardware upgrade, streamlining their systems through the removal of a datacentre.

Speaking about the migration to Azzure, Ben McDougall, Director at Greystone said: “MorganAsh needed a technology solution that was secure, resilient and scalable for future growth and importantly, supported by someone who understands their business needs.”

As a FCA regulated company, the project heavily focussed on security, transparency and education for the team at MorganAsh.  A key facet of this was the desire for MorganAsh to maintain its ISO27001 accreditation   In addition, Greystone introduced the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation   to enhance MorganAsh data security.

Results and Benefits

Moving from one IT support resource to another can often be seen as a daunting task.  Greystone’s track record proves it doesn’t have to be once you have the right partner in place.

MorganAsh now have unrestricted daily support, well managed IT Systems underpinning their operational activity, and, through Greystone’s IT Director as a Service offering, they have access to expertise providing trusted advice and support at a strategic level.

Speaking about the role Greystone play at MorganAsh Andrew continued: “As the relationship develops, Greystone become more of an integral part of our future. Since day one, Ben and his team rose to every challenge and expertly navigated the operational and security complexities an organisation like ours face”.

A word from MorganAsh...

As the relationship develops, Greystone become more of an integral part of our future. Since day one, Ben and his team rose to every challenge and expertly navigated the operational and security complexities an organisation like ours face.

Andrew Gething