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Let Greystone help your business get the right cyber security foundations in place to protect it from rising cyber-attacks.

Our Cyber Security Check will provide you with a detailed report, which will analyse how secure your business is across eight key areas.

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What our Cyber Security Check report covers:

  1. End Point Protection – protecting your computers and servers from viruses and malware.
  2. Network Configuration and Firewalls – making sure the foundation for all your IT network is set up securely and configured correctly.
  3. Password Policy – maintaining good password use to keep access to your systems secure.
  4. Data Security – protecting digital data, such as file structures and databases, from unwanted access to hackers and unauthorised users.
  5. Backup & Recovery – ensuring business backup and recovery processes are enough to keep you from losing important information.
  6. Monitoring and Compliance –proactively monitoring of systems and user activity with automated alerting to notify you of possible security problems.
  7. Staff Training – keeping staff educated in IT security and the threat of current cyber-attacks and scams.
  8. Vulnerability Scanning (Optional) – scan your whole network for potential vulnerabilities and provide help to patch them.

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    *This service is only available for business IT networks, between 5 and 30 computers, in the North West of England. However, we may be still able to provide a Cyber Security consultation if you are out of this area. So please get in touch.