Here Greystone provides some insight as to why it happens to help your business with IT support.

Turn it off and on again.

Yes, we know this may seem a little obvious. But when it comes to simple IT support it is a good place to start to get things going quicker again. Switching it on and off again, while you go and make a cup of tea, will allow your computer to clear its memory and stop background running processes for a fresh and faster start.

Uninstall unwanted programmes.

Some programmes such as Powerpoint, Word and Excel are programmes that the majority of us use on a daily basis. But chances are you also have a few programs installed that you never use or actually don’t need, which are using up your computer’s memory. It is good practice, every month, to take ten minutes to look through the programmes you have installed and uninstall them – freeing up valuable memory.

Task Manager

Following on from the above. To help you identify what programmes you have running and slowing down your computer, open up Task Manager. It literally lists the programmes that you have open in the background enabling you to identify which ones you can shut down. A short-cut to access this is ALT CTL DELETE.

Browser Tabs

Short and simple. We are all massively reliant on the internet. But do you really need 50 tabs open? Each tab is a drain on your PC. Close them down if you don’t need them.

More Memory.

To speed things up, it may be the case that you can install an SSD hard drive to help your computer deal with the volume of activity it is having to cope with. At Greystone, we suggest having a yearly ‘MOT’ on your computers, which identifies if it needs faster hard drives or more memory.

Reset or Reinstall Factory Settings

If all the above fail to make an impact on your computer starting up and running quickly. Reset or reinstall your factory settings. It’s like a clean start and should make a big difference. But also keep your eye on all the points above, so come Monday morning, there’s no waiting on your computer to start work.

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